Projeto Un Solo Mar


On the occasion of the United Nations Ocean Conference, the coordinating institutions of Un Solo Mar – A Single Sea – Project, which aims to raise awareness about the invaluable marine and coastal biodiversity shared by Brazil and Uruguay and to promote the establishment of new Marine Protected Areas in the region, are honored to invite all interested parties to a side-event, where the issues surrounding the importance of MPAs to human communities and the Project initiatives to integrate the establishment of new MPAs with regional socioeconomic interests will be presented and discussed in light of the global commitments promoted by the Conference.

Un Solo Mar is a shared vision for articulated and transboundary conservation actions.  It highlights the invaluable marine and coastal biodiversity shared by southern Brazil and Uruguay and the need for new Marine Protected Areas in this southwest Atlantic region.

The side-event will take place at the Portuguese Agency for the Environment (Agência Portuguesa do Ambiente - APA), Room 6, 1st floor, on June 29th, 13:30-15:00 Lisbon Time (09:30-11:00 Brazil/Uruguay Time), at the following address:

Rua da Murgueira 9 –2610-124 Amadora (map here)

For questions regarding the side-event and the Un Solo Mar Project please feel free to contact José Truda Palazzo, Jr., Project coordinator attending the Conference, at , phone and WhatsApp +55 51 99750 8797.

The institutions collaborating in Un Solo Mar gratefully acknowledge the hosting of this side-event by APA and project funding from Oceans5.

Whales, Parks and People: Marine Megafauna and Protected Areas in the South Atlantic as Key to Safeguard Ecosystem Services and Human Wellbeing.

Foto-Enrico Marcovaldi/Instituto Baleia Jubarte

Foto-Mission Blue /Eduardo Sorensen/IDR

Foto-Pablo Bech/NEMA.